September 22, 2016

Roll with It! Game is a Success

Hey everyone! This is my first blog post on my teacher blog and I am SUPER excited! I have always loved to write, and since I am a math teacher the writing I get exposed to sounds a lot like, "I agree with __ because __." Or... "The first step to solving this problem is ___. Then I will __. Last I will __."


I was relaxing one afternoon with my daughter playing on the floor, and thought - I should make a board game. Not just any board game, but one that involves movement? Then a flashback of one of my students doing the DAB! came to me, and then I had it.

*lightbulb moment*

I am going to create a board game that asks students to perform various dance moves, both current and old-school! Thus, Roll with It was born.

It ended up being a total success with my last class! They were engaged in the math because of the board game they were playing. They only got to move on the game board if they got the question right, and calculators/devices were used ONLY to check the answers! Time flew by and then it was time to go home.

Students especially loved the familiar dance moves and ability to check their answers.

Partnerships were accountable for both rolling a factor and then they both worked out the problem in the work space provided.

I encourage you to try out Roll with It and please let me know if you and your students found it entertaining and useful!

Check out the product video here: