January 06, 2017

Mystery Pictures Get Them Working!

It's the end of the first week back after New Year's 2017! Although we've only been in class since Wednesday, this week felt especially long. Thank goodness I had this Mystery Picture to trick them into doing tons of math!

Instead of generating equivalent numerical expressions for random exponents, these problems take it a step further. Each number has two exponents the students have to add, subtract, multiply or divide. The activity also includes powers of 0 and 1, which are always tricky.

It was neat to see how each students' work looked a bit different, depending on what shade they were coloring the Mystery Picture. Like a good math teacher, I made sure the students showed their work for every problem! Some stapled an extra sheet of paper to the activity to ensure they received full credit.

Give one of these Mystery Pictures a try in your classroom and remember to leave feedback to let me know how it went!

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